Embrace Who You Are

As a Person, Who do I connect with?

Think of your social circle. Your family, friends, work colleagues, the people you interact with on digital platforms. Do you really know them? 

What factors dictate our connections and how can we embrace our unique selves to build authentic connections? 

Navigate Rejection

As a Patient, I have experienced many failures. What did I learn?

Everyday is an opportunity to learn from life’s failures, yet you fear rejection?

Why are we not taught to navigate rejection and feel empowered by the learning?

Learn to Become

As a Professional, I have been able to understand the importance of my life’s journey to define my own “success” criteria as well as respect those who provided me with opportunities.

How do you behave when you interact with those who are perceived “different”?

Why are we not creating opportunities for those who are stigmatised by society?

Passion Project Principles

It is with this purpose that I am launching my passion project. 

I am a Pharmacologist, thus science is at the core of my passion project. Every single one of us has the capabilities to create and maintain strong connections by embracing who we are. We have what it takes to change (In a good way) how others perceive us. Lets open our minds so that we can learn and grow together. 


Embrace your unique Identity to build authentic personal connections


Learn to navigate through rejection, to become successful 


Each and everyone of us has what it takes to create opportunities.

Opportunities for learning

Opportunities for connecting

All we have to do, is do it!